Midnight Faeries Gathering

It is midnight and the faeries are gathering

The guardians of the sacred groves and the Faeries of ancient orchids rise from the moons’ deep mysteries

Guiding us in the way of the Faerie Queen….

Cloaked in silver shadows of the moon, her eyes reveal great wisdom and compassion

Her eyes are windows to the soul and her aura is luminous, shimmering around her and reflecting the healing powers of the great Goddess.

The sword of spiritual power stands before her, an ancient gift of courage.

The Faerie Queen is a woman of desirable beauty in the enchanted realm of Faeries

Faeries dance to haunting music in silks of purity, bathed under the white mists of the moon and offering their hearts of love and laughter to their Queen. There is a whirling rush of business in the fragrance of a Faerie Feast and the arrangement of white star flowers that dorn the faerie tables.

The perfect paradise in tropical bliss among faerie lit trees and the beauty of nature spirits everywhere.

Copyright Faerie Nicole


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