About Me ~ Faerie Nicole ‘Faerie Face Painter & Artist Weaving the spell of enchantment!’


Rose Quartz Faerie

‘Published in the spiritual healing issue of Sphere’s Spirit guide magazine September 2010’

Art work copyright Nicole Wood 2010

  ‘A magical adventure & a guide to living an enchanted life’

Final business card the key of fae

About Me ~ ` Faerie Nicole’

Faerie face painter, faerie wisdom creator, writer and mystical artist. 

 I believe in Faeries. I believe in my dreams. I believe in miracles.

I walk the path of Faeriecraft, into the realms of faerieland;  an enchanted place in another sphere, embracing the magical pathway. A place to spread my wings & fly!

I dance in between the worlds of reality & makebelieve & within the realms of nature, frolicking with the faeries, dancing in shadows of spirit, hearing the whispers of something greater; feeling an inner sense of wishing & magic, and living my life in a shimmering spiral dance.

I have written works &  artworks published in ‘Spheres’ The Spirit Guide & ‘spellcraft’ Magazines published in Australia & Newzealand.

You can view my artworks in gallery style on the ‘Australian Fantasy Art Enclave,’ and paintingsilove.com

And at my website :


I was chosen as a travelling finalist for the ‘Caldera’ Art Festival 2009 where my art work promoting biodiversity & the environment, won a whole month showcasing in the Roxy Art Gallery Kyogle NSW.

I have been chosen as one of eighty artists for this years 2010 ‘Caldera Art Festival’ where I will showcase my artwork at Murwillumbah Civic Centre for finalist judging in the first week of October 10.


Blowing the universe satin bubbles of faerie dust

face_painting_1351469603113_l 3

carnivale_19th_october_2012_19_10_12_115_1351469728476_lface painting

face_painting_1351469603113_l 3

My poem ‘Love’ for the February month of Love ‘Spheres’ Spirit Guide Magazine 09

2012-11-20 13.07.13


Take a moment to fill in the glittery form below if you would like to contact Faerie Nicole and book her for your next face painting adventure ~ wishes, and sparkle and magical faces!






MAGICAL MUSHROOM STEPPING STONES! Created with love by Faerie Nicole

Created with love by Faerie Nicole’s Magical Faces and Enchanting Ceremonies

Welcome to my world where magic begins and where you feel enchantment within and around you ….

My newest addition to my faerie world of facepainting magic ~ step into a portal of otherworldly places where everything sparkles and glitters!♥

Much love and sparkles on the journey of stepping stones ♥ The Key of Fae Enchanted Art by Faerie Nicole

copyright 2013

Step into my magical world where all things sparkle and glitter!♥ Newest addition to my facepainting faerie props are my enchanted stepping stones created with love and adventure by Faerie Nicole’s Magical Faces and Enchanting Ceremonies


Step into my faerie cave of magic and wonder! Enchanted stepping stones are my newest addition created with love by Faerie Nicole’s Magical Faces and Enchanting Ceremonies


Follow me into a wonderland where everything turns to sparkle and glitters!!! with Faerie Nicole’s Magical Faces and Enchanting Ceremonies


Enchanting stepping stone magic into the magical land of fae
with Faerie Nicole’s Magical Faces and Enchanting Ceremonies



nicc's 38th birthday 2010 019

New Look Title for my page and website! It dorned on me that I wear my ‘Faerie Key’ made of puta around my neck every day as an ode to my Faerie faith and of the magic, wonder, enchantment, and spellbinding inspiration and art I need to create for you! hence the new name ‘The Key of Fae’ with love Faerie Nicole

Final business card the key of fae


Faerie smiles and sparkles everyone,

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My friend Leonie Dawson has created something that’s changing the lives and businesses of SO many women around the world in a way that’s never been seen before.

If you don’t know Leonie, let me give you a few quick deets about her:

She’s a woman who really walks her talk. She’s managed to create a half million dollar a year company, working a few hours a day, spending loads of time playing with her family + making art + living a really full life. And, like me, she believes in making this world an amazing place by giving generously to causes she believes in.

I really resonate with Leonie, and I think you will too. Plus, she knows her stuff when it comes to business!

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There’s a ton of info about the Academy and Leonie available at the link above. I hope you’ll check it out. And if you’re in the mood to be totally inspired + motivated, definitely check out the “Success Stories” tab on that page. The things the Academy members are accomplishing! Reading about other peoples’ successes always lights me up. I bet you’ll feel the same way when you read them.

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Faerie smiles ~ Faerie Nicole

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Amazing Biz & Life Academy 550x400

Faerie /Princess Wearable Art!!! created by Faerie Nicole

Beyond the sparkling rivers that shine.

And into a place where all things sparkle and shimmer!

Faerie Nicole presents you ….

with her unique and enchanting personally crafted, head garlands and wrist shimmers ~

’Faerie / Princess’ wearable Art!

For Princess Pearls and little Kings!

A sparkling way to add  something extra special for your little child’s or the child in you!

‘Birthday celebrations’,  ‘dance’ or  ‘delightful life celebrations!’

Created with a touch of sparkle, shimmer and shine, ribbons of colour and faerie love divine!

Made with bubbles of wishes, dragonflies, flowers, stars, sequence, satin bows and butterfly dreams;

so that every little person big or small can frolic and dance in the sweet shadows of faerie magic!

Each ‘Faerie/Princess garland’ comes with its own little gossamer bag of ‘faerie dust’ and a delightful faerie message to those who wear these elegant sacred faerie finery and delicately wrapped in the softness of tissue paper ….

No two will ever be really the same!

Enchantment Awaits You! ~ Every minute. Every hour! of your beautiful celebrations!

Choose to be Captivated, Inspired and feel the magic of enchantment!!!!

Created with much love & sparkles ~by Faerie Nicole 2012

  • Commissions Welcome if you have any colour and or beading preferences for special occassions
  • Fairy and party shops welcome to purchase from me in bulk

Please e-mail me nicole.wood1@bigpond.com for pricing or use my contact form thankyou